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Where Horizons Meet: Relationships of InfiRay!

Business is all about relationships…how well you build them determines how well they build your business” – Brad Sugars

At Timeless Technologies and InfiRay Africa, we hold a strong belief in fostering meaningful relationships with all those involved in our journey – be it clients, employees, or suppliers. Brad Sugars' insight holds true; the strength of these relationships profoundly influences the trajectory of our business growth.

In 2019, as Timeless Technologies sought to expand its product offerings, our approach involved a meticulous analysis of product specifications and features. Scrutinizing prices and perusing datasheets were initial steps in assessing the viability of a product for investment. Some might say this is the easy part. If you are Tinus Diedericks, that has been in the industry for over 35 years, this is definitely the “easy “part. He knows what to look for and can measure what the success of the product will be based on past experience.

Having made the decision on the InfiRay Outdoor brand and products, our focus then shifted towards the human aspect – people and relationships. This phase often proves to be more intricate.

Tinus Diedericks, the Managing Director of both Timeless Technologies and InfiRay Africa, boasts over three decades in the security sector. His journey has entailed testing countless products and technologies, all while forging invaluable relationships. Navigating the intricate landscape of the security industry and establishing Timeless Technologies in 2001 marked the inception of his entrepreneurial journey. Tinus has imbibed and personally experienced the pivotal role those successful businesses attribute to PEOPLE.

Those familiar with him can attest that his business mantra resounds as "see the people, see the people, see the people!" believing that no business can be run successfully by sitting behind your desk. Go out, see people and build relationships!

So, in 2019 the inception of InfiRay Africa alongside our partnership with InfiRay Outdoor heralded a fresh challenge. Collaborating with a culture and individuals distinct from our own posed an intriguing prospect.

The emergence of the pandemic in 2020 propelled digital meetings into the mainstream, with Zoom and Skype becoming our primary means of interaction. The year 2022, however, proved transformative as we were privileged to host Modric Lui from InfiRay Outdoor, providing us the opportunity for a long-awaited face-to-face interaction.

Modric, entrusted with overseeing sales for Africa at InfiRay Outdoor in China, was instrumental in initiating a newfound synergy between our teams and InfiRay Outdoor.

Now, let's delve a bit into Modric's background. As we approach October, Modric will celebrate five years with InfiRay Outdoor. His genuine enthusiasm for the company is rooted in their collective commitment to teamwork and unwavering dedication to technological innovation.

We took the opportunity to gain insights from Modric about his experiences in South Africa, particularly with regards to business practices. Modric astutely pointed out that while different in culture, the fundamental principles guiding his and Tinus's business ethos remain remarkably consistent. Trust and collaborative decision-making emerge as bedrocks for enduring partnerships. He expressed a fondness for visiting South Africa, citing it as a crucial backdrop for nurturing and cementing meaningful relationships.

Despite the geographical and cultural distances that separate them, Modric of InfiRay Outdoor and Tinus of InfiRay Africa echo a unanimous sentiment – the critical significance of cultivating robust relationships. This philosophy lies at the core of InfiRay's identity. Our aspiration extends beyond delivering top-notch, affordable technology; we are equally dedicated to investing in our partners, encompassing distributors and clients, thereby extending our InfiRay family.

Stay tuned for an insightful journey as we delve into the lives of the exceptional individuals propelling InfiRay Africa forward, in our "Profile of a Winner" series!

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