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CLIP NV CD35 Day And Night Front Attachment

The CLIP NV series is a digital day and night front attachment with outstanding night vision capability, featuring the 35mm professional night vision lens, excellent full 1080p ultra-low light HD sensor, OLED display, removable external batteries, 32G build-in memory, WiFi, record, capture, Bluetooth remote control, and so on, professional and suitable for outdoor hunting.


Sense Amazing Color at Twilight Time

Benefit from full 1080P sensor with excellent ultra-low light performance and professional nv lens, the CD35 can output color image at day time and twilight time.


Clear Nighttime Image Quality

Full 1080P sensor with excellent ultra-low light performance, more detail will be detected. The sensor has a pixel size of 4×4 μm. With a pixel size more than quadruple that of an average detector, the device can capture dimmer lights. Professional objective lens specially made for night vision devices.

Smaller Size & Lighter Weight

CD35 is designed to lighten the load of hunters and allows hunters to explore with longer distances. Lightweight less than 501g(without IR illuminator)and the small as well as compact size makes CD35 the perfect portable hunting partner.

IR Illuminator with Flexible Adjustments

IR Illuminator with adjustable direction to lead the lights in the screen center. It has high power with three-level adjustment, and the maximum power can reach 1.5w, which is suitable for compensating illumination. At the same time, IR Illuminator with adjustable concentration ratio to satisfy requirements for illumination at different distances.

Long Running Time

A basic run life of 3.5h brings integrated CR123 batteries can met with the needs of hunters who usually choose the short distance journey, additionally, CD35 is equipped with external battery cover, so the running time can increase to 7h with 2 replaceable 16650 batteries. It can satisfy most of demands those who need and enjoy hunt for long trip if they can loads enough replaceable batteries in their bags.


Support WIFI & InfiRay Outdoor APP

The internal WIFI module ensures the flawless connection of the CD35 and the InfiRayOutdoor APP, a memory space of 32G and the supported video recording and photo taking function allow users to share their hunting and moments in time.


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