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Thermal Imaging Monocular EYE III Series  EL25 / EL35 / EH35

Derived from the EYE series, EYE III maintains the technological prowess of its predecessor, EYE II, while taking on a new objective: enhancing your hunting efficiency.

EYE III is designed with the user in mind, offering crystal-clear imaging and user-friendly features. With these improvements tailored to meet user requirements, EYE III stands out as an excellent option for your hunting equipment.

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Meet with EYEⅢ Series

EYE III utilizes a scroll wheel, allowing users to perform various functions traditionally carried out by buttons efficiently. By simply rotating and pressing down the scroll wheel, most operations can be executed, enhancing the hunting experience.

This intuitive "Rotate + press down" mechanism also enables users to enter standby mode or shut down the device by closing the lens cover, preventing unnecessary power consumption.

Users can enjoy a visually enhanced imaging experience with EYE III, featuring rich details and highlighting targets in a cool hue, which prevents visual fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, the warm hue provides softer imaging, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

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The cozy eye cover not only prevents light leakage, ensuring you won't disturb your target at night, but it also fits snugly around your eyes, providing a comfortable viewing experience.

EYE III utilizes advanced image algorithms and a high-performance thermal sensor (NETD<25mK) for sharper and realistic images on its 1440×1080 AMOLED display. It includes an Ultra-clear mode for improved clarity and details in bad weather conditions.

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The Eye III series offers various models with different base magnifications: EL25 (2.5x), EL35 (3.5x), and EH35 (2x), catering to diverse requirements for target identification.

Users can customize their viewing experience with adjustable contrast, striking the perfect balance between target visibility and background details.


EYE III is designed to withstand low temperatures more effectively than regular batteries. It features a built-in 4200mAh Li-ion battery resistant to low temperatures, offering 8 hours of operation at 22°C and 7 hours at -20°C. Additionally, it can charge up to 80% in just one hour using the USB-C charging port.

Upon connecting the device with the App, it automatically detects firmware update information and triggers a reminder. Users can simply click on the reminder to instantly update their device, making the upgrade process effortless and convenient.

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