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Profile of a Winner: East Meets West

At Timeless Technologies, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch, affordable, and reliable security solutions. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly explore cutting-edge products, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry. In 2019, we embarked on a mission to expand our brand and broaden our range of leading-edge products.

During our extensive research into future technologies, one brand stood out among the rest—InfiRay, renowned leaders in thermal vision technology in the East. It was a natural fit for Timeless Technologies, and the two worlds converged to give birth to InfiRay Africa.

Before the inception of InfiRay Africa, we meticulously evaluated numerous brands, and InfiRay Outdoor's monocular handheld units and scopes technology stood out as truly remarkable, combining excellence with affordability. The friendly negotiations with the InfiRay Outdoor team in China paved the way for the union of East and West, leading to the formation of InfiRay Africa.

Over the past three years, our partnership with InfiRay has thrived, even amid the challenges posed by a global pandemic. In 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting Modric Lui from InfiRay Outdoor in South Africa for a national roadshow, covering over 3500km to connect with our distributors and clients.

This successful visit paved the way for an even larger roundtrip in April of this year, extending from South Africa to Namibia, strengthening not only our business relationship but also a deep-rooted friendship between two different worlds.

Join us on our journey of "Profile of a Winner" in the coming weeks, as we share personal stories of our experiences with the InfiRay brand. We will highlight how two leaders, Tinus from Timeless Technologies & InfiRay Africa, and Modric, the Sales Manager of Africa for InfiRay Outdoor based in China, forged a successful business partnership despite their distinct cultural backgrounds. We will shed light on how we expanded over boarders by taking InfiRay Africa to Namibia and Botswana.

Moreover, we will shine a spotlight on the invaluable team of InfiRay Africa, particularly celebrating the Women of InfiRay Outdoor during this August women's month. We will also focus on our technical and sales team that are the backbone of our operations, ensuring the seamless functioning of InfiRay Africa.

Of course, our extended team plays a vital role in our success. We are excited to share the inspiring stories of our InfiRay Africa distributors, spanning across South Africa and Namibia. When our clients invest in our amazing products, they also invest in the remarkable individuals behind them!

As our relationship with InfiRay Outdoor continues to flourish, we have come to recognize their pivotal role as the brain of the operation, supplying top-tier products. At the same time, InfiRay Africa serves as the heart and soul, contributing to product manufacturing, evaluation, growth, and marketing. This dynamic partnership enables us to continually enhance our offerings and build lasting connections with our cherished clients, as well as with our valued allies at InfiRay Outdoor. Together, we are poised for even greater achievements and a promising future!

InfiRay Africa is proudly driven by Timeless Technologies (Pty) Ltd



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