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The Backbone of InfiRay - Meet our Technical Team!

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the success of a company often hinges on the dedication and expertise of its team members. In the case of InfiRay Africa, the backbone of the organisation is undoubtedly formed by two exceptional individuals - Herman Snyman and Pieter Hugo. Their combined talents and unwavering passion for InfiRay products have propelled the company to new heights.

Our Technical Expert, Herman Snyman's journey to becoming the Technical Manager at InfiRay Africa is a remarkable one. Hailing from the small town of Orkney, his career began to take shape in 2010 when he joined Timeless Technologies. However, it was his move to the bustling city of Cape Town in 2005 that truly marked the turning point in his professional life.

As the Technical Manager, Herman is the linchpin connecting InfiRay Africa with its clients. His unique ability to communicate with clients, characterised by clarity and approachability, sets him apart. It is this quality that has established strong relationships and fostered trust in InfiRay Africa's products and services.

Herman's heart beats with a deep passion for InfiRay, making it one of his favorite products. This passion drives him to not only handle sales but also take charge of repairs, ensuring that customers receive unparalleled support when they need it most. Herman's dedication extends further as he takes Pieter Hugo under his wing, imparting the technical intricacies of InfiRay products and nurturing the next generation of tech experts.

A hands-on problem solver, Herman can often be found at installation sites, ensuring the smooth setup of cameras. And when challenges arise, he's the first to roll up his sleeves and find a solution. Moreover, he lends his technical expertise to the marketing department, simplifying complex technical details to help clients understand the features of InfiRay products fully.

Our Technical Support Maestro, Pieter Hugo is the embodiment of technical support excellence at InfiRay Africa. His unwavering commitment to helping clients and colleagues has made him an indispensable member of the team. Always ready to assist, Pieter's technical prowess is unmatched.

One of Pieter's most exceptional attributes is his ability to bridge the gap between technical intricacies and marketing finesse. He is the vital link that ensures that complex technical details are translated into compelling marketing materials, enabling clients to grasp the true value of InfiRay products.

Quality control is another area where Pieter shines. When new shipments of InfiRay stock arrive, he meticulously tests and assesses their quality, ensuring that only the best products reach the hands of customers. In cases where InfiRay products require repairs, Pieter's meticulous approach shines. He dissects the issues, identifies root causes, and expertly repairs the products, delivering reliable solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Pieter's creativity knows no bounds, and he channels this passion into creating captivating marketing videos that bring InfiRay products to life. His videos not only highlight product features but also instill a sense of excitement and innovation.

Pieter's passion for InfiRay is palpable, and this fervor is evident in his approach to sales. He doesn't just sell products; he builds lasting relationships with clients based on trust and genuine care. His passionate demeanor resonates with clients, making him an exceptional salesperson.

Moreover, Pieter's innovative thinking extends to solving issues, where he consistently generates ingenious ideas to tackle challenges, making him a valuable asset to the company.

The Power of Synergy, InfiRay Africa is undoubtedly fortunate to have Herman Snyman and Pieter Hugo at its core. Together, they form a formidable team that combines technical brilliance, creativity, passion, and a client-centric approach to drive the company's growth and success. Their dedication to the InfiRay brand and their commitment to solving problems and exceeding client expectations make them true winners and an inspiration to us all. With Herman and Pieter leading the way, InfiRay Africa's future is brighter than ever.


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