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Spotlight on Empowered Women: From Innovation to Inspiration - Meet our Marketing duo!

In any organisation, the marketing team serves as the pulsating heart, driving their brand's identity and establishing vital connections with their customers. Their creative minds fuel innovation, shaping how the world perceives the company. Their mission goes beyond product sales; they delve into customer understanding, adapt to evolving needs, and foster trust. Through their unwavering efforts, they propel the company towards growth and prosperity.

Within InfiRay Africa, every employee plays a crucial role in our brand's marketing endeavours. However, the marketing team, consisting of Suné Steyl, Marketing Manager, and Blanche Nieuwoudt, Marketing Coordinator, stands out. With their journey with InfiRay Africa that began in 2022.

Suné, a freelance marketing professional, joined our ranks in April 2022, charged with the exciting task of igniting the InfiRay Africa marketing brand. Her association with Timeless Technologies dates back almost a decade, originating during her marketing internship. Over the years, armed with extensive industry experience, completing her Diploma in Marketing Management, Higher Certificate in Events Planning, and a Bachelor's Degree in Communications Science, she rejoined the team while maintaining her freelance ventures.

She has since spearheaded remarkable growth, becoming an invaluable asset to the company.

Suné epitomises excellence in integrated marketing, characterised by her sharp intellect, innovative thinking, and exceptional organisational skills. She consistently proves to be a driving force in the industry. Her unique cleverness enables her to transcend conventional boundaries, approaching marketing challenges with fresh perspectives and inventive solutions, significantly contributing to InfiRay Africa's success.

With the management of various brands within Timeless Technologies and InfiRay Africa you will find Suné either behind a camera lens or in the background whether in event organisation, social media campaign development, or mentoring colleagues like Blanche in InfiRay Africa's marketing strategies.

There is no doubt that Marketing and brand building is her career passion. But if you have not had the pleasure to communicate with Sune, you have most likely connected with her partner in crime, Blanche.

In the dynamic realm of social media, Blanche Nieuwoudt shines as a true luminary. Her journey at InfiRay Africa exemplifies her friendly demeanor, unwavering organisational prowess, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Let's delve deeper into the remarkable Blanche.

Blanche's marketing career, though nascent, brims with promise. She recently graduated from The Independent Institute of Education Vega Cape Town with a Bachelor's Degree in Brand Building. Her tenure at InfiRay Africa commenced in March 2023, initially as an administrator. Her rapid grasp of organisational intricacies and eagerness to embrace fresh challenges did not go unnoticed. In May 2023, she transitioned to the marketing department as Marketing Coordinator, showcasing her adaptability and versatility.

Originally hailing from Vredendal, Blanche's move to Cape Town reflects her determination to seek new opportunities and broaden her horisons. This bold transition underscores her readiness to embrace change. Blanche's forte lies in event organisation, managing InfiRay Africa's social media platforms, and introducing new and exciting ideas for the brand. Her meticulous attention to detail and precise planning ensure the seamless execution of every event and campaign. Her contributions play a pivotal role in crafting impactful marketing experiences for InfiRay Africa's audience.

Our dynamic duo complements each other's strengths and weaknesses, with Suné's seasoned, millennial marketing expertise and Blanche's fresh, "woke Gen-Z energy." Together, they generate a constant flow of innovative ideas, ensuring there's never a dull moment in our marketing endeavors.

As the InfiRay Marketing Brand continues to evolve, Suné and Blanche eagerly anticipate the opportunities the future holds. Stay tuned for the growth of the InfiRay Africa marketing brand!


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