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Spotlight on Empowered Women: Driving Success at InfiRay Africa

“As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we’ll all be better off for it.”  — Sandra Day O’Connor, “Women in Power”

The substantial presence of empowered women in the corporate world significantly contributes to a company's triumph. They introduce diverse perspectives and novel ideas that stimulate creativity and effective problem-solving. Their leadership qualities serve as a source of inspiration, motivating teams and resulting in heightened productivity and employee contentment.

Furthermore, their resilience and unwavering resolve when confronted with challenges set an exemplary standard for the entire organization, propelling growth and advancement.

As Women's Month draws to a close, it is only fitting that we spotlight the Women of InfiRay. This week, we illuminate the contributions of two remarkable women who orchestrate the inner workings of InfiRay Africa: Marieta du Toit and Annette Diedericks.

Marietta du Toit is a devoted and invaluable member of the InfiRay Africa and Timeless Technologies team, with an impressive decade-long record of contributing her expertise and commitment. Originally from Mariental, Namibia, she has called Cape Town, South Africa, her home for several years. Marietta proudly identifies herself as a "Kalahari and red desert child," reflecting her profound connection to the distinctive culture and landscape of the region.

At InfiRay Africa, Marietta serves as the Administration and Operations Coordinator, playing a pivotal role in maintaining efficient communication with clients. She diligently tends to phone calls and emails, ensuring that client inquiries and requests receive swift attention. Collaborating closely with her colleague Annette, she manages both local and international orders, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Marietta's influence extends beyond client interactions, as she also takes the lead in organizing and overseeing meetings within the company. Her friendly and optimistic demeanor not only fosters a productive atmosphere but also cultivates a sense of camaraderie among her colleagues.

In summary, Marietta du Toit's decade-long dedication to Timeless Technologies and her multifaceted contributions, spanning client communication to inventory management, underscore her as an exceptionally organized and indispensable asset to the company. Her positive attitude and commitment to excellence make her a role model for her colleagues, and we are thrilled to have her as a part of the InfiRay Africa team.

Annette Diedericks isn't just an integral part of Timeless Technologies; she is one of its foundational pillars, dedicating an impressive 22 years to the company's growth and success. Hailing from the Nawelskloof farm in Vanrynsdorp, her roots are deeply entrenched in the land and its values.

Annette's unwavering commitment to the company is only matched by her warm and affable demeanor, which undoubtedly contributes to the positive work environment within Timeless Technologies and InfiRay Africa. Her extensive experience and keen insights have earned her the reputation of being the driving force behind the company's operations.

In her multifaceted role, Annette oversees various critical aspects of the business. She plays a pivotal role in international client relations, efficiently managing product orders and liaising with customs. Her expertise extends to financial matters, where she ensures the company's fiscal health by overseeing transactions, payroll, and client payments. In essence, Annette is the financial backbone of the organization, guaranteeing that all financial aspects are meticulously handled.

In summary, Annette Diedericks' enduring dedication, exceptional organizational prowess, and indispensable role in the company's financial and international operations make her an invaluable asset to InfiRay Africa and a true cornerstone of its success story.

It is fair to assert that without these two remarkable women, the operations at InfiRay Africa would be in disarray. We are truly privileged to have these two strong women representing our company and overseeing its operations.


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