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Namibia's Desert Isn't the Only Thing Radiating Heat: InfiRay's Tech Shines!

This week we embark on our InfiRay international journey! As our community continues to flourish, the opportunity to expand InfiRay's presence into Namibia knocked on our door, filling us with enthusiasm. The birth of InfiRay Namibia in 2021 on the desert plains of Namibia was a moment of triumph. This venture was spearheaded by none other than Dirk van Zyl. But who exactly is Dirk, and how did he become an integral part of the InfiRay family?

Hailing from the heart of Namibia, Dirk's roots trace back to his upbringing in Karasburg, situated in the southern reaches of the country. His deep-rooted connection with hunting, nature, and farming began at the tender age of 5.

As years rolled by, Dirk ventured abroad and established a life in England. Yet, his heart remained tethered to Namibia. After a span of 13 years, he made the decision to return to his homeland. In 2013, Dirk took ownership of his family farm, embarking on a farming journey. Little did he know, the arid landscapes of Namibia were about to be gripped by a relentless drought. From 2013 to 2020, Namibia faced a drought of unprecedented proportions, resulting in significant losses for farmers due to pest infestations and predatory animals.

During this challenging period, Dirk took to assisting our community's farmers by engaging in nighttime pest hunting. The desperation to combat these pests led Dirk to explore solutions, especially as he and fellow farmers were witnessing substantial herd losses. With a perpetual quest for advanced technology to gain an edge against these pests, Dirk initially embraced night vision equipment, gradually seeking more efficient alternatives. This quest led him to thermal technology, which unfortunately came at a high cost.

As the drought wreaked havoc on farmers, leaving them with remnants of their herds, Dirk found himself compelled to seek new avenues. It was then that he resolved to identify affordable solutions that could extend aid to struggling farmers who found themselves in a similar predicament.

In this pursuit, Dirk's path intersected with InfiRay, ushering its introduction to Namibia. The standout features of InfiRay's products, including exceptional image quality, accuracy, robust construction, and affordability, left an indelible impression on Dirk.

The added bonus of outstanding post-sales service solidified his belief in the brand. For a dedicated hunter like Dirk, InfiRay became a dream come true.

In Dirk's words, InfiRay stands as the paramount choice in the market, and his aspiration is to establish it as a household name across Namibia. Just as every farmer recognizes the Landcruiser as the ultimate workhorse or a bakkie for an acre farmer, Dirk envisions InfiRay becoming synonymous with efficiency for livestock farmers. He envisions InfiRay not as a luxury, but an indispensable tool that can notably enhance farmers' income by simplifying pest control.

A similar narrative extends to the monocular market, which has yet to gain full traction, possibly due to Namibia's relatively lower incidents of farm attacks compared to South Africa. However, Dirk's ambition is to foster greater monocular usage in Namibia, underscoring its benefits, particularly concerning farm safety and security.

Our excitement knows no bounds when we collaborate with individuals like Dirk, who embodies the essence of a genuine InfiRay advocate. He doesn't merely endorse a functional product; he champions a product he wholeheartedly believes in. We're thrilled about the journey ahead for InfiRay Namibia in partnership with InfiRay Africa. Watch this space for InfiRay will take Namibia by storm!

For all your InfiRay Namibia inquiries, feel free to reach out to Dirk van Zyl at


1. By Arne Smith on Unsplash / 2. InfiRay Outdoor / 3. InfiRay Outdoor


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