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Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Hybrid Series- HYL50W

The Hybrid HYL50W stands as the world's premier high-end thermal imaging scope, proudly presenting an extraordinary 90Hz refresh rate. It delivers unmatched visual fluidity and precision, equipped with ballistic calculation capabilities and BDC reticles. Versatile in its functionality, it can serve as both a clip-on attachment or function independently as a thermal riflescope. Through groundbreaking technological advancements, the Hybrid HYL50W promises to deliver an unparalleled observational experience to its users.


90 Hz Refresh Rate

In contrast to its predecessor, we've enhanced the software platform of the HYL50W, resulting in a 20% reduction in latency while maintaining the seamless performance of the 90Hz refresh rate output.


Fast Refresh Rate Switching Between 90Hz and 50Hz

With the Hybrid HYL50W, users can effortlessly switch between refresh rates of 90Hz and 50Hz.

During dynamic hunting scenarios, the 90Hz refresh rate ensures smoother imaging, capturing fast-moving targets with enhanced clarity and precision.

For static hunting situations, the 50Hz refresh rate is ideal, providing high-quality imaging while conserving screen power consumption, ensuring prolonged battery life during extended surveillance periods.

Ultimate Smooth & Clear Image

The Hybrid HYL50W comes equipped with a 2560×1920 AMOLED display characterized by high contrast and low power consumption. This feature ensures users enjoy an ultra-clear and comfortable observation experience, with crisp imagery and prolonged battery life.

Optimized Vibration-absorbing Structure

The recently enhanced vibration-absorbing aiming support system of the Hybrid HYL50W has successfully undergone rigorous testing, enduring over 16,000 impact tests at 1200g. This ensures exceptional structural stability, capable of safeguarding internal components against high-impact forces, thus maintaining operational integrity even in demanding conditions.

Rich Shooting-assistance Features


The Hybrid HYL50W supports automatic ballistic calculating based on rangefinder data, with an accuracy of up to ±1MOA. It also features seven aiming reticle modes and can generate BDC reticles, catering to a wide range of aiming needs.

 LRF up to 2000m

Used with a laser rangefinder (LRF) that can reach distances of up to 2000 meters, Hybrid HYL50W opens up new horizons for long-range hunting.

High Durability and Stability

The entire body is constructed from magnesium alloy and rated IP67 for dust-proof and waterproof, ensuring high durability and reliability in harsh environments. Its compact design makes it a dependable companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

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