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Red-Dot Thermal Fusion Scope

Fast is a red-dot/thermal fusion scope, combined with the red dot and thermal imaging technology.

It directly integrates thermal imaging with realistic scenes to enhance users' situational awareness. Which facilitates all-weather outdoor hunting, home security and law enforcement.


All-weather and All-day Use

InfiRay Thermal+ FAST gives users the flexibility to complete complex missions in challenging, fast-changing environments, both day and night. Traditional red dot works better during the daytime while thermal imaging scopes at night use usually. Users who need to use the device in different light conditions have to prepare two types of scopes for different application scenarios, but frequent disassembly and replacement of scopes will reduce their accuracy.


Fast has both red dot and thermal imaging channels, which combines the functions of the two types of scopes to actually realize all-weather and all-day use, without having to repeatedly calibrate the firearms.


Ultra-large Window

The 34mm×25mm large window design allows users to better discover and track their targets. The 1× visual magnification capability delivers evident advantages when used for observation at close range for quickly aiming at moving targets. Both eyes can be opened simultaneously to achieve the stereoscopic vision and enhance situational awareness.

Use with 3× Magnifiers

From the perspective of user's visual experience, Fast is equipped with 3× magnifiers to choose from, which helps to aim more comfortably while also shooting targets accurately.

Multi-layer Coating Technology

Advanced multi-layer coating technology effectively reduces the interference caused by stray light during use, realizes excellent transmittance during the daytime, and allows for outstanding observation experience in various usage modes.

Unmatched Reliability and Ultra-precision


Using a new assembly process and with a unique recoil-absorbing mount, Fast has passed rigorous reliability tests. It hardly moves at the zero position at all under the impact of up to 1200g more than 20,000 times. At the same time, the accuracy of Fast can reach 2MOA. FAST is suitable for long-term use with 7.62mm guns.

Various Modes for Different Usage Scenarios

No matter how the lighting conditions and the complex environments may be, one of the red-dot, thermal, target highlight and outline modes is able to satisfy your specific requirement


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