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TUBE NV V2 Series- TD70L V2

Tube NV demonstrates superior capability in capturing precise target details. Utilizing a 1980x1080 sensor featuring 4μm pixels enhances its ability to perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions.

Coupled with a dynamic 1440x1080 OLED display, users can anticipate unparalleled precision and clarity when shooting at night. This unbeatable combination of technologies elevates the shooting experience to new heights.


Next Level Low-Light Hunting Experience

Tube NV's sensor boasts exceptional low-light sensitivity due to its 4μm pixel size, allowing each pixel to gather more light. Even an hour after sunset, Tube NV devices can still display clear color images, demonstrating their impressive performance in dim lighting. Moreover, in moonlit conditions, Tube NV excels at capturing precise target details. This is achieved by harnessing the power of a 1980x1080 sensor with 4μm pixels, coupled with a vibrant 1440x1080 OLED display, providing unparalleled precision and clarity for night shooting. Elevate your shooting experience with this unbeatable combination of technologies.


1:1 Lossless Image Transmission

We employ direct full-field screen capture for transmission, ensuring that no resolution is lost in the process. This approach enables us to deliver lossless images, resulting in the clearest vision possible for our users.


70mm Focal Length

Increasing the focal length of the lens can enhance the hunting experience by enabling better visibility of distant targets through improved magnification.


High Zeroing Precision

In the domain of digital NV riflescopes, every pixel corresponds to a distinct angle of view. The smaller this angle (measured in mil or MOA), the higher the shooting precision becomes. Our TUBE NV riflescope proudly presents an outstanding precision of 0.2 MOA (5.7mm@100m), guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy during zeroing procedures. With this high-precision riflescope at your disposal, you can consistently achieve precise and accurate shots.


Unveiling Day and Night's Secrets

During daylight hours, from dawn to dusk, when discerning target details becomes challenging for the human eye, TUBE NV enhances your ability to recognize targets.


Recoil Activated Video

The Tube NV presents an impressive range of features, including the Recoil Activated Video (RAV) function and the Mic function. With RAV, you'll never miss a captivating moment again, as it automatically records the moments before and after your shot. Additionally, the Mic function allows you to capture not only visuals but also accompanying audio, enriching the overall experience. Immerse yourself fully in the sensory experience with the Tube NV.


Classic Aesthetics

The Tube NV features a timeless and classical-style design that seamlessly complements 30 mm standard mount rings. Moreover, it offers effortless switching between traditional white light scopes and the Tube NV without requiring any changes to mount fixtures. This unique combination addresses the discerning needs of professional hunters who value tradition while also valuing the convenience of modern technology. Experience the ideal blend of aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendly design with the Tube NV.


More Amazing benefits

5.5x magnification | Only 945g Weight | IP67 Waterproof | Picture-in-picture 



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