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Thermal Imaging Riflescope TUBE Series- TS60

Introducing InfiRay Outdoor's premier model, featuring an advanced thermal sensor for top-tier performance. By incorporating state-of-the-art innovations, it provides unmatched high-definition imagery perfectly suited for the discerning needs of professional hunters.

Advanced Sensor Delivers Excellence

Featuring InfiRay's cutting-edge, self-developed thermal sensor, it showcases an impressive 1280x1024 pixel resolution and a remarkable NETD of sub 18mk, setting a new standard that enables it to capture even the slightest temperature variations in challenging outdoor environments.


Redefine High-Definition Viewing

Immerse yourself in unrivaled clarity with the 1.03-inch, 2560x2560 round AMOLED display. Furthermore, we've gone above and beyond by revamping 7 distinct color palettes for users to select from, elevating the observation experience to unprecedented levels.

Long-distance Detection at Ease

With its top-of-the-line thermal sensor and high-definition display, the TS60 achieves an impressive 3100m long detection range. This capability greatly enhances long-range hunting experiences, granting hunters unprecedented advantages in spotting targets from afar.

Immersive Shooting Experience

While prioritizing aesthetic appeal, the TS60 maintains a remarkably lightweight body, guaranteeing comfort even during extended use. Additionally, it incorporates ergonomic design elements like soft-touch buttons, enhancing user convenience and overall comfort.

Ultra-long Battery Life

Equipped with a built-in 6600mAh battery and the flexibility to incorporate an additional replaceable and rechargeable 18650 standard battery, the TS60 ensures an extended maximum operating time of up to 9 hours (at 22℃), perfect for prolonged hunting expeditions. With its dependable performance, the TS60 stands ready to accompany you through every ambush and hunting endeavor, becoming your ultimate trusted ally in the field.


Rigorous Testing & High-durability

Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy materials subjected to rigorous impact resistance testing, the TS60 embodies exceptional durability and robustness. Its enduring construction ensures longevity, establishing the TS60 as a steadfast companion for many years to come.

Optional Accessories For More Possibilities

In addition, we have curated a range of tools to enhance users' hunting experiences. One such example is the optional 1200m Laser Rangefinder with ballistic calculation, designed to complement the TS60 according to individual preferences and requirements. With the TS60, the opportunities for exploration and achievement are limitless.

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