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Thermal + Red Dot Fusion Scope Fast Series- FAH25/1 X 34D

Fast FAH25: Your ultimate all-in-one day and night scope, designed to excel in every mission. Featuring versatile image modes, high refresh rates, and top-notch thermal sensor quality, it stands as your dependable, precise, and robust companion. Elevate your shooting experience with the Fast FAH25.


Versatile Image Modes for Every Shooting Scenario

The Fast FAH25 presents a distinctive advantage with its four specialized image modes, tailored to meet diverse shooting requirements. Whether detecting camouflage in daylight, maneuvering through dense smoke, improving target visibility in wooded areas, or operating with infrared vision under the cover of night, Fast FAH25's adaptable image modes offer comprehensive solutions. Designed to seamlessly adjust to various shooting scenarios, they ensure you're always prepared to tackle the challenges of your mission. Discover the possibilities and enhance your shooting encounters with Fast FAH25.


Unmatched Clarity and Sensitivity

The Fast FAH25 showcases a cutting-edge 12µm, 640x512 resolution sensor boasting exceptional sensitivity with NETD<25mK. Its advanced multi-layer coating technology effectively reduces stray light interference, guaranteeing outstanding transparency for daytime applications. Teamed with a high-visibility green OLED display, it provides an unmatched viewing experience, offering precision and clarity in every shooting scenario.

Wide View, Rapid Aim

Fast FAH25's design includes a generous 34mm x 25mm viewing window, allowing users to effortlessly spot and track targets with precision. With a 1x magnification rate, its advantage shines in close-range scenarios, enabling rapid target acquisition and allowing users to maintain both eyes open for enhanced depth perception and situational awareness. Elevate your tactical prowess with Fast FAH25's spacious viewing window and rapid target acquisition capabilities.

Adaptability and Enhanced Aiming

For long-range shooting requirements, the Fast FAH25 offers the option to utilize a 3x magnification scope (optional). Its quick-detach mounting structure accommodates diverse user preferences for red dot and infrared products, guaranteeing top-tier performance tailored to every user's needs.

Rugged, Reliable, Ready

IP67 Waterproof | Impact Resistance | Custom-made Shock-absorbing Mount |Extreme Temperature Resistant


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