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InfiRay Africa is dedicated to bringing you the best thermal imaging products in the industry.

Our digital rifle scopes, night vision monocular/binoculars, and automotive thermal imaging provide you with state-of-the-art technology that will enhance your outdoor experiences.

From hunting to nature observation, our gear will give you new insights into the world of heat.

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Bring the wildlife up close and personal. These infrared night vision camera has a small size, light weight, and high performance that can be handheld easily for night vision and targeting during hunting!



As the cars become digital, new driving assistance technologies are developed for real-time data collection.


InfiRay automotive thermal cameras can provide thermal images to drivers in low visibility and night-time driving conditions. 



An InfiRay infrared thermal imaging camera is designed specifically for your smartphone, it can display the infrared thermal image of the object clearly. 


Timeless Technologies would like to bring the following under your attention of steps that has to be taken with the knowledge that we have available until we have clarification on the matter as discussed below.


In order to legally distribute, sell and market ML Munitions items as classified by the Wassenaar Arrangement (thermal rifle scopes) in the Republic, the DCAC (Directorate Conventional Arms Control) requires sufficient documentation and registration to be in place. Timeless Technologies (Pty) LTD, is registered with the DCAC (Directorate Conventional Arms Control) as a dealer of thermal electro-optical equipment.


DCAC Certificate Number: MS 1 – 22 – 002483

Conventional Arms Marketing Permit Number: AMP 2 – 22 – 0005006


According to the Wassenaar Arrangement, thermal rifle scopes classifies as part Munitions List (ML1 / ML1d5) thus we need to follow the laws set out by the National Conventional Arms Control Act 41 of 2002.


These laws govern the dealing, brokering, marketing and possession of these controlled items set out by the Munitions List.


Therefore, the following certification and permits needs to be adhered to for any business or individual who is in possession of a controlled item on the Munition List (thermal rifle scope):

  • DCAC Registration certificate

  • Possession permit

  • Domestic transfer authorisation

  • Destruction authorisation


DCAC Registration Certificate:

The registration certificate is required to possess any of the controlled items, render other services related to controlled items including transportation and freight forwarding services.

Certificate must be renewed every three years.


Possession Permit:

The possession permit is required to enable a person to possess and use controlled items for lawful purposes without the intention to trade such items and may be issued for possession of the controlled items specified therein for business or private collection.


Domestic transfer authorisation:

In the event that the owner wants to change the ownership of the controlled item, a written authorisation from the committee is required. This will enable the owner that is in possession of the controlled item to transfer the controlled item to the new owner within the Republic.

This authorisation is not required if the controlled items is transferred temporarily for the purpose of evaluation, testing, maintenance, repair or upgrade.


Destruction authorisation:

In the event that the owner wants to dispose of the controlled item, a written destruction consent is required from the committee.


Please note as we are still investigating all the legal requirements and documents required from the DCAC to establish a more set out guideline for what is expected from the DCAC. We are in direct contact with the committee to establish the clear guidelines. Thus, should any of the above laws and regulations change, we will be in contact with you.


Until we have clear answers, Timeless Technologies will assist you in obtaining your certificate and permits required to purchase / own the thermal weapon sight.


For any questions, feel free to contact us!

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